The Angel With A Broken Heart

The Angel With A Broken Heart

"...brilliant! I was shocked to discover who the angel with a broken heart was. This book is brilliantly written through the eyes and life of this angel. I was inspired by how Leslie captured and shed new light on the Scriptures which we are all so familiar with. Leslie gave me a lot to reflect and ponder on in my heart as I have now seen heaven and the world through a new lens."

Father Gordon A. Cook, OM

"...your book was a pleasure to read. I enjoy your clear style and your writing has an exceptional flow. It was obvious that you put a lot of time into the research and the writing."

Larry Trach—W.Vancouver, Canada

At a dinner party in the spring of 2007, a woman asked Leslie if he knew why God would create Paradise and then allow Evil (the Serpent) to mingle with Adam and Eve -- the noblest of God's creations. Leslie admitted that he did not know, but assured the lady that there must be a story to it. He was determined to find out what could have possibly taken place and set about the unenviable task of putting his research into this book.

     Here then, is the incredible story of Lucifer, the most magnificent angel who was cast into hell. A revengeful angel who swore vengeance. A rebellious angel who dared to challenge God.

     In the great battle for Heaven, Lucifer, the "Bearer of Light," the "Shining Star of Dawn," the "Son of the Morning," chose to attack the power and majesty of God. Lucifer was an angel of dazzling brightness and awesome beauty, a supernatural being, perfect in every way from the day he was created from fire and embedded with precious stones

    Lucifer and the rest of the angelic hosts were told by God at a Heavenly Council that a new world would be created from the void below. It was a formless wasteland. It was empty and darkness covered the abyss. It was a mass of utter chaos, emptiness and confusion. It was barren, desolate, foreboding and a mighty wind swept over it. God is a good and wise Creator, a higher being of incredible spiritual and intellectual qualities. He is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. He is infinite. In His wisdom and absolute power, God decided to create order out of chaos -- a new world and give Heaven to Earth.
    God explained to the assembled angelic hosts that in addition to creating a new world, He would also create man. He would be lower in status than the angels, but created in the image and likeness of God. He also made it abundantly clear to the heavenly hosts that even though man would be created inferior to them, they would nevertheless, be commanded to treat him as an equal and honor him. Man was not going to be created to be trampled upon by superior forces, to be crushed under the conqueror's heel, to be enslaved and robbed of his possessions. He reminded the angels that they were not created to rule the lesser beings.
    Lucifer did not think it was a great idea or even a divine plan. He was the most honored of God's angels, highest in power and glory among the angelic hosts. It seemed to Lucifer that God was planning to create a new world order and place in it, a creature far below him and that he and the other angles would be commanded to pay homage to this inferior being. He had always lovingly acknowledged the supremacy and majesty of God. Now it seemed that instead of creating order out of chaos below, He was creating confusion and disharmony in Heaven above. Lucifer was the most loyal lover of God and the most striking image of Lucifer was his great love and deep devotion to his Creator. He often prostrated himself before God and poured out his love and adoration. Lucifer was also loved and respected by his fellow angels. But God was now demanding the unthinkable: creating a creature called "man" and ordering the angelic hosts to bow in reverence to this creature whom God said would be the noblest of His creations.
    Lucifer vowed he would not do this. He could not possibly imagine anyone could be more glorious than he was. He was too proud and that cardinal sin prevented him from perceiving the Divine image that would be placed in man. That sin of pride prevented Lucifer from understanding God's plan of creating and giving man, just as He had done with Lucifer and the angelic hosts, the ultimate gift of establishing a loving relationship with his Creator: of sharing Heaven with Earth. God was also giving the angels the opportunity to be kind and loving to someone who would be their inferior. Lucifer failed miserably to understand that his love for God would be reflected in his love for someone not his equal. The sad lack of humility led Lucifer to self indulgence and utter dissatisfaction began settling in. He was not satisfied with being the most magnificent of all the angels, but coveted the homage due only to God.That inflated sense of entitlement placed him in the dreadful position of choosing between the Divine Order, the Angelic Order or the Human Order. He made a fateful choice.
    Calling all the angels together, Lucifer held a full council. Like a coach before an important game, he explained the situation. With head held high and eyes blazing, he made it clear that to be weak and indecisive was miserable and to do nothing was not an option. After all the faithful services they had rendered, it seemed that they had been mere slaves. God had turned his back on the angels and he called for vengeance. He assured them that he should not and would not bow to man. He felt far superior and was convinced that it should be man who should pay homage to him. This great feeling of self-importance convinced him that this was a terrible injustice, not only to him, but to the other angels as well. They should feel free to claim their rights and not be deluded slaves bowing to an inferior being. Other proud angels who shared Lucifer's thoughts, ambitions and visions, cheered him on.
    Angels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Meteron -- the four Archangels who were the guardians of the throne of God and represented perfection or totality as in the four cardinal directions, met with Lucifer and his rebellious followers, Belial, Asmadeus and Mammon. The four princes of the angelic hosts reminded them that God was the Supreme Being, the Creator of the universe, the almighty and all powerful and that it was His prerogative to do whatever He thought was best. They reminded the dissatisfied angels of God's wisdom and justice and did their best to reconcile them to God's divine plan. God, they reiterated, was loving and merciful and would forgive them for their rebellious nature. They placed before them the inevitable and terrifying consequences that would follow their rebellion if the peace and harmony in Heaven was destroyed. They further advised that the unhappy angels should perhaps wait and see what kind of world God had in mind and what sort of creature they were to pay homage to. Lucifer was not impressed nor was he convinced. In his keen and analytical mind he was certain that a wait-and-see approach would be folly. In the distant mirror he saw that inaction and indecision would be fatal and a major disaster. Nevertheless, Lucifer promised that he would think it over and in the meanwhile, a non-aggression pact would prevail.
    Lucifer was greatly encouraged by the fact that one third of the angelic hosts had sided with him. He was also aware of the rumors that many legions of angels in far-flung corners of Heaven were not entirely satisfied with the reign of God and would seize this revolt as an a opportunity to join forces with him in a rebellion against God. And that gave him a sense of strength and invincibility. After much discussion with his commanders over the impending battle and military strategy, Lucifer amassed the rebellious angels on the western front of Heaven and launched a surprise attack. He was fully aware that the eastern side had far more open spaces and was virtually indefensible. He felt positive that this strategic move would prove him victorious and eventually he would push Michael and his loyal angels over the edge, into the abyss below.
    Michael was an angel of honor and always kept his word. He never ever dreamed that Lucifer would be a liar, would resort to deceit and would dishonor the truce -- the waiting period that they had both agreed upon. It would be impossible to describe the hurt, the heartache and the sorrow that Michael felt on learning that Lucifer had declared his independence from God -- a God of infinite love, warmth and tenderness. Lucifer was now Satan -- an adversary of God, and he had fired the first shot in the battle for Heaven.
    Satan ordered twenty-four commanders, 2,500 senior angels and 280,000 other angels to cross over to the eastern front in one massive assault against Michael and his loyal angels. As Satan's combat angels lunged across the border, Michael and his troops rallied as quickly and ably as they could amidst the confusion and complete disorganization. The rumbling of fiery chariots rained fire unto frontier defensive positions. Angels flying at incredible speed, conducted both strategic raids against numerous targets with frightening success. The loyal angels could hardly believe this battle was taking place. The sheer weight of numbers, the shock of betrayal, the devastating element of surprise and the heavy casualties took their toll. The loyal angels began to withdraw .........
    What follows in this book is the incredible story of that great battle for Heaven where Lucifer was decisively defeated and cast down into hell. While the story is based on the foundations of history. It is also the result of my imagination. I am solely responsible for any intentional or accidental straying away from history that the world has, without question or reservation, come to accept as fact.
    This book could never have been written without my recourse to the inspired Word of God as laid down in the Holy Bible. Neither would it have been possible without the work of all the authors and historians who have gone before me.
    Pounding away at the keyboard, buried in one's own thoughts, and living in a very private world would have been unthinkable if it were not for family and friends who not only helped me find the strength and courage, but who also filled my life with joy, laughter and happiness in what would otherwise, have been a very lonely time.

"...brilliant! I was shocked to discover who the angel with a broken heart was. This book is brilliantly written through the eyes and life of this angel. I was inspired by how Leslie captured and shed new light on the Scriptures which we are all so familiar with. Leslie gave me a lot to reflect and ponder on in my heart as I have now seen heaven and the world through a new lens."   Father Gordon A. Cook, OM

"Thank you so much! Very readable and gives me an insight into the logic of the bible."   A. Bricklin, Coquitlam

"Very interesting. A real page turner."    Todd Michael, Surrey

"...your book was a pleasure to read. I enjoy your clear style and your writing has an exceptional flow. It was obvious that you put a lot of time into the research and the writing."    Larry Trach—W.Vancouver, Canada


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